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Expert IL Dim to Warm LEDspot-111 G53


1. Perfect replacement for 50-75W halogen

2. Dim to warm from 2900K Down to 2000K
3. Highly visual comfort
4. Indirect glare-free design
5. Retrofitable
6. Absolutely precise beam spread
7. Excellent Thermal management
8. Maintenance free.

Expert IL Dim to warm LEDspot-111 G53 is a part of Expert IL LEDspot series. The color

temperature of Expert IL Dim to warm LEDspot can be smoothly changed from warm

white(2900K) down to extra warm white(2000K) when the lamps are dimmed from 100%

down to 10%. It perfectly simulates the characteristics of halogen and incandescent. In

stead of multiple lens arrays in most products on the market, Mascot Expert IL Dim to warm

LEDspot is equipped with single COB LED Chip and  indirect anti-glare optical design which

allow better beam consistency and control the glare and light leakage to the minimum

eventually create highly visual comfort. With the same lighting effect and natural feeling as

halogen and incandescent lamps, Mascot Expert IL Dim to warm LEDspots create a warm,

intimate and cozy ambience for hotels, restaurants, bars as well as home and etc.

Technical data

   Product Code

   Produce Name     Expert IL Dim to Warm LEDspot-111 G53
   Power    15W 
   Input Voltage    DC36V @350mA
   Lumen output    700lm
   Color Temperature    2900K to 2000K
   CRI(Ra)    >90
   Beam angle options    24°, 40°
   LED Dimming driver options    Phase-cut(TRIAC Dimmer), 0/1-10V, DALI
   Service Lifetime


   Size    L70xD111
   PCS/CTN    30
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Fax:+86 760 88501718
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