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Expert IL LED Pro-Grid Light Rimless-D


1. Glare-free light sources

2. Highly visual comfort 

3. Trim and trimless optional

4. Full range of single, double and triple available

5. Maintenance free

6. Adjustable gimbals of cardanic swivel systems

    with horizontal and vertical axis which allow an

    adjustability of each light source by +/- 45° in

    all directions.


Lighting plays a major role in creating a memorable customer shopping experience and

guiding customer eyes in retail lighting. Equipped with EXPERT LEDspot IL AR111, MASCOT

Recessed Pro-Gridlights deliver a warm, halogen-like accent beam with glare-free design. It

is specially designed for Retail and hospitality lighting applications. such as flagship shops,

furniture stores, retail outlets in shopping mall, reception areas, Hotels, Restaurants,

galleries, as well as home, office building and etc. Indirect anti-glare optical design controls

the glare and light leakage to minimum and delivers precise beam spread which creates a

highly visual comfort environment. Together with excellent light focusing performance and

innovative bridge design, it not only can highlight the illuminated area but also improve the

ambiance of the stores, hotels and restaurants. Creating a memorable customer shopping

experience. And thus create the brand new image of retail brand stores and improve the

brand value.

Technical data

   Product Code

   ML- RLGL10
   Produce Name     Expert IL LED Pro-Grid Light Rimless-Double
   Power    2 x 15W 
   Input Voltage    AC220-240V/100-120V
   Lumen output    2 x 900lm
   Color Temperature    2700K/3000K/4000K
   CRI(Ra)    >82
   Beam angle options    8°/24°/40°
   LED Dimming driver options    Phase-cut(TRIAC Dimmer), 0/1-10V, DALI
   Service Lifetime


   Size     L335 * W150 * H116
   PCS/CTN     8

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