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Museum lighting consideratio
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Protecting exhibit of the museum is the center of every operation, including planning, decoration, lighting,move in, move out etc.


Lighting Security Considerations:

First: Machinery Safety,It must be convenient, fast, stable, can not fall risk during installation of lamps and lanterns to remove the lamps.

Second: Electric Safety,Lamps and lanterns are charged carrier, electrical safety standards must be in accordance with the electrician, electric shock, fire and other hazards

Third: Light Safety,light safety is the most easily to overlook,actually all ray radiation,illumination level,exposure will affect the exhibits.Infrared thermal of light effect influence the exhibits.


The infrared radiation will rise the exhibits surface temperatures,which will lead the exhibits heat expansion,accelerate its aging speed & increase the drying degree of the material,cause the products more brittle,even make the exhibits surface phenomenon of warping and craking.

UV chemical will effect the exhibits

UV chemical will cause exhibits surface chemical reaction,which will rise the aging,such as fade,color change,qualitative change and other visible damage,and cannot be recovery anymore.

For the museum and art gallery illumination standard,CIE2003 technical technical reports suggested the biggest ultraviolet (uv) light source content is 10 mu W/lm.Limit years exposure to protect the exhibits.The museum exhibits should be controlled the years exposure,Suppose that exhibits illuminance level for 200 lx, museum lighting 60 h a week, so the total exposure to 600000 lx * Control the time of exposure also can protect the exhibits.

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