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Project-Innova Ceiling Recessed Downlights(Darklight reflector technology)
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One of the favorite shopping center of Guangdong-Grand buy Group, established in 1996. Since the opening of it's first shopping center in Beijing Road Commercial street in Dec.,1998, This shopping center gained a rapid development and openned more than 18 shopping centers until 2012, 16 are in China mainland and two in Hongkong. In 2015, Yugao Architectural Co., ltd won the bidding for the retrofit project of Grand buy shopping center in Hongkong. 

The main considerations for this retrofit project are Energy-efficient, improving customers' shopping experience. The ultimate aim is to make the whole shopping center highly visual comfort and improve the brand image of the shopping center and customers' shopping experiencee.

The architectural design team of Yugao chosen Mascot Group's INNOVA Series ceiling recessed down lights to replace the CFL Lamps as general lighting. With the deep optical design and darklight reflector technology, Various cut-out size and the same appearance, Narrow to wide beam angle options from 15° to 60° and Glare cut-off angle 30°-38°.
This series delivered even light distribution and created highly visual comfort for the whole shopping center.
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