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Project-Beam angle adjustable Ceiling lights
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As one of the successful cosmetics chain brands in Asia, Gialen's developement strategy of 2014 was to open 300 brand  chain stores in the main city of main countries in Asia until 2016.

The design requirements of Gialen are not only to improve the customer's shopping experience, optimize the shopping environment, control the light glare to the minimum, But also the most important is to improve the brand image of Gialen.

And finally create a number of highly visual comfort and brand new chain stores.

Chinno Architectural design Firm was authorized to design the new brand stores, As the long-term cooperative partner of Chinno, mascot worked closely with them and supplied it's beam angle adjustable ceiling spotlights as the main lighting role. With the advantages of linear Beam spread adjustable from 15º to 60º,  Deep optical design make it virtually glare-free and highly visual comfort, Sophisticated optical lens delivers clean and precise beams. The beam angle changeable ceiling light series boosted the design freedom and met various lighting requirements. some place need narrow accent beam spread while others need wide beam. The beam spread can be adjusted from 15º to 60º according to the actual needs.

And finally a number of brand new stores with highly visual comfort.

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