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As one of the rising star of fashion brands, HLA Mall planed to retrofit 48 of it's brand chain stores in Hongkong and Macao in 2013. In this retrofit project, A lot of halogen bulbs in Grid light fittings need to be replaced by ennergy efficient and LED Lamps. And HLA Mall requested that the LED Lamps must meet three requirements. 1. Improving the customer shopping experience. 2. LED Lamps must offer high visual comfort. 3. The LED Lamps must be innovative with the help of improving the brand image of HLA Mall.

Chinno Architectural design Firm was authorized to design the new brand stores, As the long-term cooperative partner of Chinno, mascot worked closely with them and supplied it's Glare-free Expert Indirect LED Lamps to replace the oringinal halogen bulbs. With the advantages of glare-free Indirect optical design, Absolutely precise beam spread and narrow to waid beam angle options of 8º/15º/24º/40º, The LED Lamps deliver a uniform lighting distribution without glare light which created a brand new brand chain stores with highly visual comfort for HLA Mall.

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