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Project-Beam angle adjustable Track lights & Downlights
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Protection of the cultural relics is the primary proposition in Museum lighting design.

Fuzong Museum in Shanghai was established in 1994 and opened in 1988. It has six special halls and three exhibition halls, display area of 2,800 square meters. Collection of cultural relics nearly eighty thousand, of which 12,000 are fine artifacts, especially in bronze ware, Chinaware, calligraphy, painting. Collection of bronze ware from the Baoji and Henan, Hunan and other places, is a middle Chinese ancient art museum.

In 2015, Aiksu building & construction company won the bidding of retrofit project of Fuzong Museum and was authorized to retrofit the museum. One of the major retrofit projects is lighting retrofit. All of the halogen lamps must be replaced by LED Lamps and three precautions about safety need to be taken into consideration.

Firstly, Mechanical safety: lamps and fittings should be convenient, fast, stable, no drop and other risks for installation and disassembly; 

Second, Electrical safety: Electrical safety standards to meet the electrical, Electric shock, fire and other potential risks; 

Third, The lighting safety: The lighting safety is most easily overlooked, light radiation, illumination level, exposure will have an impact on cultural relics.

Aiksu Design team chose Mascot's 8degree Expert Indirect IL LEDspot, Beam angle adjustable Track lights and downlights for parts of this retrofit projects. All LED Lamps are without UV(will have damage to the cultural relics) and used CREE CRI98 COB.

With the advantages of Glare-free design, precise and soft beam spread, beam angle adjustable from 15º to 60º and global electrical safety standard. By working closely with Aiksu's professional team, Mascot LED Lamps created an amazing lighting effects for Fuzong Museum with absolute safety.

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